Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

Awake the Divine!


An old secret practice just performed by Tantricas over more than 4,000 years ago

This Yoga practice aims to collect all the energy that exist in the human being and concentrate the effort to awaken kundalini in order to ascend it through Shushuma and reach Sahasrara and generate Samadhi, the state of spiritual realization.

Rituals, Tantra Techniques, Partner Yoga, Swara Yoga, and Sacred Energy are some of the tools that the dravidians developed in old times, in order that the Tantric could have the Sacred Energy in a state of Relax-Awarenes.

Yoga season starts again.

Every Wednesday and Thursday Nude yoga.


On Wednesday we give Ashtanga or Ha-Tha Yoga

*Ashtanga Yoga.
This dynamic, physically demanding practice synchronizes breath and movement to produce an internal heat designed to purify the body. Ashtanga yoga, with its many vinyasas, is great for building core strength and toning the body. Prepare to sweat as you briskly move through a set sequence. Ashtanga Yoga was founded K. Pattabhi Jois !!!
Ashtanga yoga practiced in its correct sequential order, gradually leads the practitioner to rediscover his or her fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness – physical, psychological and spiritual. Through this practice of correct breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama), postures (asanas), and gazing point (driste), we gain control of the senses and a deep awareness of ourselves. By maintaining this discipline with regularity and devotion, one acquires steadiness of body and mind.

Our teachers Petros, Ron and Anand

The Cost is of 12 euros / Bring your towel


On Thursdays we give Tantra Kriya Yoga

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy within the human being!!
Transform and co-create through out this amazing energy!!!

Tantra techniques, asanas, breath-work & conscious touch to engage in a very deep sacred experience to expand our minds, our Sexual & Sacred Energies !!!

Connect with yourself and with the others!!!

Make it yours, feel & embrace this experience !!

Our teachers Anand and Roland

The Cost is of 15 euros / Bring your towel


NEW PLACE: We are back at OKIDO CENTER , Van Ostadestraat 387, Amsterdam with its perfect warm/soft floor 🙂
On walking distance of Metrostation: WibautStraat

NEW TIME: we gather at 20.15 to start at 20.30 hrs.
There is a class before us, so we cannot enter before 20.15.